Seattle Adventure

After finishing year one of Graphic Design studies in June 2011, I headed to Seattle for a hard-earned weekend of fun. Dennis and I journeyed south via the Victoria Clipper (our first-ever trip on this route).

By leaving the car at home, we were able to get around very easily using Seattle's highly efficient public transit system. Our loose plan of activities was augmented with spontaneous meanderings in the downtown area.

Before catching Tim Minchin's show at the classic Neptune Theatre. We enjoyed a fantastic curry dinner at Shalimar, one of the U-District's many restaurants.
A much needed and relaxing weekend getaway.


Seattle's Music Scene

Seattle at nightSeattle Washington is situated on the shores of Puget Sound and is the largest city in the pacific northwest. Its size and beautiful location have made Seattle a cultural and artistic centre for many years.
Seattle's impressive musical history began in the jazz age. In 1947 Ray Charles moved here because it was geographically furthest from his childhood home of Florida. Jazz greats Quincy Jones and Ernestine Anderson also hail from this area. Seattle's gritty urban past sewed the seeds for today's vibrant blues scene. Artists like Robert Cray and Duffy Bishop top an impressive list of blues musicians and singers.
Seattle is of course most famous for Rock and Roll, it is after all the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix. Rock bands from the Ventures to Heart to Sound Garden show the wild diversity of the Seattle rock scene. Born out of the Punk movement and fueled by the angst of growing up in a post modern world, Grunge is the most recent addition to Seattle musical scene. Nirvana and Pearl Jam, amongst other, have defined the Grunge sound and look. The only question now is, what's next?

Map of Seattle